Monday, December 4, 2023

from "Writing is an Aid to Memory" by Lyn Hejinian


apple is shot nod
                         ness seen know it around saying
                                     think for a hundred years
   but and perhaps utter errors direct the point to a meadow
                                 rank fissure up on the pit
arts are several branches of life
                     little more science is brought where great
                         need is required
                           out becomes a bridge of that name
                in the painting is a great improvement
   bit ink up on the human race
and return if the foot goes back
              in the trunks of trees behoove a living thing
                                       wedge war common saw
           hard by that length of time the great demand is
                                    very dear
ashes in water
                                 that might be a slip of architecture
                                 think was reduced to an improper size
   blocks to interest who can visit
                                         variations on ideas are now full
           from a point of increasing
at only as to four or we who nine
a little grace familiar with simple limbs and the sudden

Source of the text - Lyn Hejinian, Writing is an Aid to Memory.  Berkeley, CA: The Figures, 1978.

TJB:  High strung—composed at phrase-level, stripped of connective tissue, metaphors mixed, shot through with unresolved tension, & a tree-meadow motif.

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