Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From "The Last 4 Things" by Kate Greenstreet

from The Last 4 Things

Dear When-you-stop-you-will-feel,

Black, the color of space, mourning,
is green for rain.  As if a legend to a map,
I saw the room and
wanted the life.

Wool men! we must consider:
what beauty means in the moth's world.
Come this far.  Look briefly
into the past.  Living in a house inside a house,

you receive a transmission of "meaning" energy
you cannot decipher.

Nothing marks the turn.

Source of the text - Kate Greenstreet, The Last 4 Things.  Boise: Ahsahta Press, 2009, p.24.

TJB: Bricks w/o glue. Envy of another’s house & life is equated to interpreting meaning in this letter-poem which uses map, moth, & house images.

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