Thursday, September 21, 2023

from "Stanzas in Meditation" by Gertrude Stein

from Stanzas in Meditation

from PART I

Stanza XII

She was disappointed not alone or only
Not by what they wish but even by not which
Or should they silence in convincing
Made more than they stand for them with which
But they can be more alike than they find finely
In not only ordinary care but while they care
It is by no means why they arrange
All of which which they frustrate
Not only gleaning but if they lie down
One watching it not be left allowed to happen
Or in their often just the same as occasionally
They do not usually use that they might have mention
That often they are often there to happen.
Could call meditation often in their willing
Just why they can count how many are mistaken.
In not quite correctly not asking will they come.
It is now here that I have forgotten three.

Stanza XIII

She may count three little daisies very well
By multiplying to either six nine or fourteen
Or she can be well mentioned as twelve
Which they may like which they can like soon
Or more than ever which they wish as a button
Just as much as they arrange which they wish
Or they can attire where they need as which say
Can they call a hat or a hat a day
Made merry because it is so.

Source of the text - Gertrude Stein, Stanzas in Meditation and Other Poems [1929-1933].  Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1956, pages 17-18.

TJB: Hypotaxis without release. A string of flawed pearls, the poem is made of unfinished subordinate clauses, each one strongly worded & interesting.

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