Friday, November 11, 2011

"The night of storms has past" by Emily Brontë

The night of storms has past
The sunshine bright and clear
Gives glory to the verdent waste
And warms the breezy air

And I would leave my bed
Its cheering smile to see
To chase the visions from my head
Whose forms have toubled me

In all the hours of gloom
My soul was wrapt away
I stood by a marble tomb
Where royal corpses lay

It was just the time of eve
When parted ghosts might come
Above their prisoned dust to grieve
And wail their woeful doom

And truly at my side
I saw a shadowy thing
Most dim, and yet its presence there
Curdled my blood with ghastly fear
And ghastlier wondering

My breath I could not draw
The air seemed uncanny
But still my eyes with maddening gaze
Were fixed upon its fearful face
And its were fixed on me

I fell down on the stone
But could [not] turn away
My words died a voiceless moan
When I began to pray

And still it bent above
Its features full in view
It seemed close by and yet more far
Than this world from the farthest star
That tracks the boundless blue

Indeed 't was not the space
Of earth or time between
But the sea of deep eternity
The gulph o'er which mortality
Has never never been

Oh, bring not back again
The horror of that hour
When its lips opened and a sound
Awoke the stillness reigning round
Faint as a dream but the earth shrank
And heavens lights shivered neath its power

Woe for the day Regina's pride
Regina's hope is in the grave
And who shall rule my land beside
And who shall save

Woe for the day with gory tears
My countless sons this day shall rule
Woe for the day a thousand years
Cannot repair what one shall do

Woe for the day 'twix rain and wind
That sad lament was ringing
It almost broke my heart to hear
Such dreamy dreary singing

Source of the text - Poems by Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.  New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1902, pp. 45-7.

Bourguignomicon: Great expectation-play. After 4 ballad-stanzas, form & content open into a ghostly world of long, bending phrases before ending in ballad.

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