Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Pastoral" by Bob Perelman


One person each, out
Into one world, back into many.
The collection, the alphabet. He imitates
Its power, sentiments, antiquity. Scenery
In the form of a dramatic monolog.

She trails out of the present
Both ways, but is sitting
At the table with him. Sprays
Of bay, laurel, and their natural
Interpretations are tacked above them.
Hearts beating. A storm at sea.

Gossip at length, hours
Yoked together, sun shines,
Air presses on their capillaries,
Actions. Desire pronounced and
Punctuated, their minds end
In their senses. Pleasures
Lag across solid bridges.

Time to eat. Light is suffused, revised
Among the letters. Their ears fill
With sounds of the visible world.
Minutes surround them, trees
In the foreground by voice vote.
Their eyes close. It is night.

Source of the text – Bob Perelman, Primer.  Berkely: CA, THIS press, 1981, pp. 70-1.

Bourguignomicon: Pastoral as romance, no, perhaps as marriage between word & world, between writing & reading, & built of dualities: he-she, seeing-hearing.

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